Saturday, May 30, 2015

Savannah to Charleston

May 30, 2015 KOA, Charleston, Mt. Pleasant

When you travel in a less than 20sq.ft. van for a month you learn things about yourself that you  may have forgotten or not known about yourself. More on that later. When you travel in a less than 20sq.ft. van for a month with someone else, you learn things about them that you may have forgotten or not known. More on that later. 

Some of the things I've learned so far are you better really like the person you travel with, and if you don't like them, shoot yourself for thinking of this asinine plan to travel in a less than 20 sq.ft. van across country.

Another lesson is, If you get something out of the van, you need to put it back when your finished with it. And you need to put it back exactly where you got it from. Chances are when you went to get that thing that you had to put back in exactly the same spot, that you had to remove something, or maybe two somethings, or three somethings to get to it. Everything is packed away so tightly it takes a long time to get anything out. That's how you spend a lot of your time camping. Getting things out and putting them away.

Example: I went to get the dog's lawn chair, (yes he has his own chair). To get to the chair, I had to take off both bicycles from the bike rack. Then I had to remove the rack from the hitch. Then I opened both back doors and got out his chair.

More lessons to come.

Pictures from today
I love all the bridge designs
Historic downtown Charelston

more Charelston
Yeah meat
I took this picture for Glorene. This is a mixed media picture with mosaics.

Savannah Oaks RV Park

I couldn't resist posting this picture of Pumpkin in his lawn chair.

  Yesterday when we were getting gas we paid by credit card at the pump and before we pumped the gas the atm asked us if we wanted a cold drink out of the reridgerator located next to the pump. That's because it is so freaking hot here. You have to worry about getting dehydrated all the time. I've been drinking at least a bottle of Gatorade a day trying to stay hydrated. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Savanna, Georgia

We left Jekyll Island today for Savannah, Georgia. We took a ninety minute bus tour of Historic Downtown Savannah. Most of these pictures were taken in Savannah.

Tomorrow we are on our way to Charleston. The weather is much less muggy but hotter here than Florida, Louisiana or Texas. The people seem to be better off economically than in Louisiana or Texas.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Avenue of the Oaks, Judy's bike ride

Judy went on a bike ride with "T" today. They rode over the bridge to St. Simon Island. They were gone most of the day. I hung out with the dog and chilled most of the day with a migraine and vertigo. Thanks to Suanne for updating me on the happenings in San Diego on the telephone today.  It's nice to have these new cell phones to keep in touch. Tomorrow we break camp and head north towards Washington, DC. We will meet up with "The Anon Travelers" later. These pictures were taken by Judy and the last one by "T".

Happy Birthday Dorris

These pictures were taken yesterday afternoon at Driftwood Beach on Jeykll Island and at the Clam Creek Fishing Pier. We can ride our bikes from the campground to the beach. The water was 80 degrees with really small waves.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Looking up from my chair in our campsite at Jekyll Island Campground is the first picture. The Anon Travelers" are here also.  We  are in number E4 and they are in number D3 campsite. We have been staying in the same campgrounds as "the Anon Travelers" but traveling separately.

 The last picture is of a pet squirrel. Yeah, that's squirrel. A lady in the campground was walking her pet squirrel around the park. She had the squirrel on a platform in front of her. Think "cigars, cigarettes, Tiparillos-lady in the old movies and you got the picture. The squirrel was on a leash. She attracted lots of attention from the other campers. Pretty strange to say the least.

 The weather seems to be getting less humid and more survivable. We sat outside last night and tonight for dinner. 

Judy is eating a tuna sandwich and sweat potato chips with wine for dinner. A winning combination in my book. I had a lemon yogurt with pecan slices blended into it. Then I had cottage cheese with strawberry slices. Dessert was two Oreo cookies with peanut butter cup filling. Magnificent if I do say so myself. It is amazing how the weirdest combinations of ingredients make good tasting camping food. I remember the first time I went camping with my friend Gail, we cooked up pork and beans from a can and mixed it with scrambled eggs. A four star gem for sure.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Tallahassee RV Park

We had a minor glitch this morning with the RV. The kitchen sink was draining slowly. I had to unstop it with a plunger. It is running normally now.

We are stopping for the night. Now this is more like it. A small RV park with trees. No bugs and not really hot now.  Nice showers and toilets located close to our site. Only $41 per night with full hookups, cable TV, pool, and wifi. 

We had a nice salad for dinner and then we went swimming in the pool. We were the only ones in the pool so we got to horse around a little. It was so much fun. And then for dessert,  Oreos with peanut butter cup filing. 

Tomorrow we leave early to go to Jekyll Island. That's good because during the day here it is in the 90's. Tonight it will not cool down much. We will have to run or air conditioner tonight.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hanging out at the campground

The picture below is of sunset last night at the beach by our campground. Its been another hot rainy day in Florida. We leave tomorrow headed towards Jekyll Island. It will take us a couple of days to get there driving at three hours a day and screwing around for another two hours.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Pensacola RV Park

We left "The Anon Travelers" at the Fort Pickens State Campground and we are staying at Pensacola Beach RV Resort for the next three days. We are meeting up with "The Anon Travelers" after the three days for more traveling.  The campground is $89 a night and right on the beach. The campground has wifi, a swimming pool, nice bathrooms, showers, concrete pads, cable TV, laundry, and an air conditioned club room. It is also very nice and clean. There are no mosquitos here. 

This is definitely a different experience from the State campground. We are the smallest rig in this sold out campground. It is luxury for us because unlike the "Anon Travelers" we spend lots of time outside our rig using the campground facilities. We have noticed that the bigger the rigs are, the more time the rig owners spend inside them. A lot of these rigs are like a second home to the owners of them. You can even get a home loan on the purchase of these rigs as a second home.

Judy and "T" are riding their bikes along the beach road east of here. They try to ride every two or three days or they go stir crazy.

This is an unofficial gay pride weekend at Pensacola Beach. The locals do not like us, but they like the money we bring. Local businesses hang out their rainbow flags for the weekend then put them away until next year. The celebration got started after it became known that gays were not welcome in the town. That started the movement to take over the town with our presence for the Memorial Day weekend and hopefully change some attitudes or at least make a difference in some gay kids life.

Although it is just happenstance that we are here, we are glad to be a part of the movement for change. It is also nice to be around my peeps.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's f*****g hot here

These are some pictures of rigs in our campground today. Everyone is hunkered down inside their rigs with the air conditioning on or somewhere else where there is air conditioning. check out closely the picture of the rig after the Roadtrek. There are pink flamingos in the front yard. I like the bus conversion, real retro. The American flag chair is a nice touch in front of the trailer. That is a satellite TV dish that is called a football in the front of the red and blue chairs. The pond is in the campground next to the road. The last picture is of a tent with air conditioning. It's not often you see a tent with air conditioning. 

Pensacola, Florida

We started out yesterday in Louisiana. We drove through Mississippi, Alabama, and are now in Florida. Wow. It feels like an accomplishment that we are finally on the east coast.

We ate lunch at The Boomtown Casino. "A" won enough money at the slots to pay for their lunch.  Judy and I lost. Judy and I  wanted to win the RV on display out in  front of the casino. We could see ourselves driving away with all that extra room and for free. Unfortunately,  you had to be present to win and they weren't giving it away that day.

We are staying at Fort Pickens campground. The weather is a little less muggy here, which is a welcome break. We expect to have the same afternoon showers.

We are geographically located at the end of a finger of land. The beach sand here is much whiter than the California beaches. I can't wait to go snorkeling later.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Monday May 18, 2015  Bayou Segnette State Park, New Orleans
Last night the "Anon Travelers", Judy and I had a real Cajon dinner at Perino's Boiling Pot in New Orleans. We started with gumbo. Then we shared a platter of crawfish, shrimp, sausage, corn on the cob,and potatoes. On the side we had boudin sausage, and onion rings. The "Anon Travelers" really dug into this one. They loved it. Judy thought it was okay and I really didn't like it. I felt out of place. I think it must be an acquired taste that I don't have yet. I really tried to like it. 
It was hard for me to get to the tasting part of the seafood. First with the crawfish you have to pick it up and twist its head off. Then you suck the juice out of its head. Then you proceed to crack the tail and remove the scales while pushing the meat forward through the broken end of the tail. You extract this meat and eat it. Yuk. 

You probably know how to eat shrimp tails. Not quite as barbaric as the crawfish eating, however I'm not liking the shrimp deal either.

One thing on this trip I promised myself was to be more of an adventurist. I know what you are thinking, how much more adventuresome can you get than selling most of your things and your house and travel cross country in a van? I am here referring to my range of food choices. I grew up with a limited food palate. 

My family ate mostly meat and potatoes, with a few casseroles, spaghetti, and macaroni and cheese thrown in. The fish we ate was fish sticks or the frozen fish you eat on fish sandwiches. The vegetables were frozen corn, canned peas and green beans.
Anyway, I guess I shouldn't be too disappointed yet. I'm sure there are plenty more things out there to try. And I did like the gumbo Judy had at the French Quarter, but not that gumbo we had last night.