Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pensacola, Florida

We started out yesterday in Louisiana. We drove through Mississippi, Alabama, and are now in Florida. Wow. It feels like an accomplishment that we are finally on the east coast.

We ate lunch at The Boomtown Casino. "A" won enough money at the slots to pay for their lunch.  Judy and I lost. Judy and I  wanted to win the RV on display out in  front of the casino. We could see ourselves driving away with all that extra room and for free. Unfortunately,  you had to be present to win and they weren't giving it away that day.

We are staying at Fort Pickens campground. The weather is a little less muggy here, which is a welcome break. We expect to have the same afternoon showers.

We are geographically located at the end of a finger of land. The beach sand here is much whiter than the California beaches. I can't wait to go snorkeling later.

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