Saturday, May 30, 2015

Savannah to Charleston

May 30, 2015 KOA, Charleston, Mt. Pleasant

When you travel in a less than 20sq.ft. van for a month you learn things about yourself that you  may have forgotten or not known about yourself. More on that later. When you travel in a less than 20sq.ft. van for a month with someone else, you learn things about them that you may have forgotten or not known. More on that later. 

Some of the things I've learned so far are you better really like the person you travel with, and if you don't like them, shoot yourself for thinking of this asinine plan to travel in a less than 20 sq.ft. van across country.

Another lesson is, If you get something out of the van, you need to put it back when your finished with it. And you need to put it back exactly where you got it from. Chances are when you went to get that thing that you had to put back in exactly the same spot, that you had to remove something, or maybe two somethings, or three somethings to get to it. Everything is packed away so tightly it takes a long time to get anything out. That's how you spend a lot of your time camping. Getting things out and putting them away.

Example: I went to get the dog's lawn chair, (yes he has his own chair). To get to the chair, I had to take off both bicycles from the bike rack. Then I had to remove the rack from the hitch. Then I opened both back doors and got out his chair.

More lessons to come.

Pictures from today
I love all the bridge designs
Historic downtown Charelston

more Charelston
Yeah meat
I took this picture for Glorene. This is a mixed media picture with mosaics.


  1. Terrific. Might inspire me. Thx.

  2. And...I'd keep Pumpkin's chair somewhere else.

  3. Yes, I really like the bridges. Gosh, Charleston is beautiful city!

  4. I remember Savannah. Beautiful city. You should go to Hilton Head. Very small,but beautiful.