Friday, May 22, 2015

Pensacola RV Park

We left "The Anon Travelers" at the Fort Pickens State Campground and we are staying at Pensacola Beach RV Resort for the next three days. We are meeting up with "The Anon Travelers" after the three days for more traveling.  The campground is $89 a night and right on the beach. The campground has wifi, a swimming pool, nice bathrooms, showers, concrete pads, cable TV, laundry, and an air conditioned club room. It is also very nice and clean. There are no mosquitos here. 

This is definitely a different experience from the State campground. We are the smallest rig in this sold out campground. It is luxury for us because unlike the "Anon Travelers" we spend lots of time outside our rig using the campground facilities. We have noticed that the bigger the rigs are, the more time the rig owners spend inside them. A lot of these rigs are like a second home to the owners of them. You can even get a home loan on the purchase of these rigs as a second home.

Judy and "T" are riding their bikes along the beach road east of here. They try to ride every two or three days or they go stir crazy.

This is an unofficial gay pride weekend at Pensacola Beach. The locals do not like us, but they like the money we bring. Local businesses hang out their rainbow flags for the weekend then put them away until next year. The celebration got started after it became known that gays were not welcome in the town. That started the movement to take over the town with our presence for the Memorial Day weekend and hopefully change some attitudes or at least make a difference in some gay kids life.

Although it is just happenstance that we are here, we are glad to be a part of the movement for change. It is also nice to be around my peeps.

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