Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Looking up from my chair in our campsite at Jekyll Island Campground is the first picture. The Anon Travelers" are here also.  We  are in number E4 and they are in number D3 campsite. We have been staying in the same campgrounds as "the Anon Travelers" but traveling separately.

 The last picture is of a pet squirrel. Yeah, that's correct...pet squirrel. A lady in the campground was walking her pet squirrel around the park. She had the squirrel on a platform in front of her. Think "cigars, cigarettes, Tiparillos-lady in the old movies and you got the picture. The squirrel was on a leash. She attracted lots of attention from the other campers. Pretty strange to say the least.

 The weather seems to be getting less humid and more survivable. We sat outside last night and tonight for dinner. 

Judy is eating a tuna sandwich and sweat potato chips with wine for dinner. A winning combination in my book. I had a lemon yogurt with pecan slices blended into it. Then I had cottage cheese with strawberry slices. Dessert was two Oreo cookies with peanut butter cup filling. Magnificent if I do say so myself. It is amazing how the weirdest combinations of ingredients make good tasting camping food. I remember the first time I went camping with my friend Gail, we cooked up pork and beans from a can and mixed it with scrambled eggs. A four star gem for sure.

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