Friday, July 10, 2015

Forest River RV 7/10/2015

Today we visited Forest River RV factory in Elkhart, Indiana. We got to see the production line. They produce 18 RV'S a day. If you order an RV today it will be built sometime in August. I took some pictures and some video. Unfortunately, the video is better than the pictures, but I can't post video on the blog. I'll put it on my Facebook page.

You cannot believe how fast and coordinated these guys work on the assembly line. It was like watching a ballet in fast motion. They work by the piece so they want to get the product out as fast as possible. They only take about a 15 minute lunch and then they get back at it. I counted at least six teams of workers between 5 and 10 members each. There are inspection engineers posted at various spots on the assembly line assuring quality.

We are staying at a KOA tonight and we are doing our laundry. There are mosquitoes here so I am stuck inside the van. I probably conservatively have gotten about 50 bites and I always run for cover when I see any mosquitoes. Judy is outside and has no bites...NO bites. Not one bite this whole trip. I also swell up like a big ballon. I stay swollen and itchy for days. This is so unfair. Judy is outside mocking me.

Vehicles awaiting assembly
Beginning of assembly line
Quality inspection


  1. Quality inspection stop....huh?! Have fun day! A.

  2. re: mosquitoes... We have had very good results using a permethrin product. It's not for your skin but for your clothes or tent. I spray it on my clothes (some clothes come pre-treated) - it lasts for several washings. We spray it around the entrance of a tent, the screen entrance to a tent trailer, etc and it has worked very well at keeping mosquitoes away.
    Might be worth a try...
    take care, Lori

  3. Lol, me and Traci are exactly the same way. She has had 50 bites or more this summer. Me, zero.