Friday, July 10, 2015

Pumpkin, Punky, Buddy, The Punkster

We have a ten pound toy poddle named Pumpkin traveling with us. We got him at the South Bay Animal Shelter in San Diego eight years ago. We were trying to figure out what to name him when we first got him, (we had written down a page of prospective names), but could not find one that fit. In walks our friend Rosanne who when seeing him for the first time calls him her little Pumpkin. As soon as we heard that we knew that was his name. His hair was more orange then, but the name still fits. He seems to like it and comes when we call him. If we were to name him now by his hair color we would have to call him dirt. We decided he had to have a birthday and the only two logical choices for a dog named Pumpkin were Thanksgiving and Halloween. We chose Halloween.

Pumpkin likes to travel in the RV. He is always ready to get moving and on the road. When we stop for fuel or coffee he gets out and does his business. If he has to go before we stop he let's us know by going to the rear sliding door and looking out. We have a motel-like bell by the door that he can ring if he needs to go out when we are sleeping; however, he usually sleeps through the night.

Recently when we went on two ferries in one day he was good about relieving himself in between the boardings, however he doesn't like to go out in the rain or cold weather.

He sleeps on his bed or his blankie wherever we put them down. He gets regular baths on the road because he likes to sit and lay in the dirt. He has his own small-sized camp chair he sits in around the camp fire.  He loves to stick his head out of the open window when the van is moving.

He doesn't bark at the campers who walk by with their dogs. He seems to know the camper is his permanent home. He is able to go most anywhere they allow dogs and is a good guest when visiting people in their sticks and bricks homes.

Campgrounds usually have strict rules concerning pets. Some require rabies vaccination proof. Most of them require the dog to be leashed at all times. We saw a lady at a campground walking a pet squirrel on a leash. She was really walking around carrying it, but it was on a leash. We are lucky Pumpkin does not chase squirrels, birds or cats. Some campgrounds forbid you leaving your pet unattended even inside your RV.

We can take Pumpkin with us when we eat outdoors at cafes and he sits right next to the table while we eat. He has a couple of favorite toys that we brought with us for the trip.

There have been serveral places on this trip where dogs were not permitted. We have left him in the van if we were not planning to be gone for long and if the weather was cool or turned on the air conditioner for him. We have also taken him to doggie day care a couple of times. A couple of times we have decided not to go to a place where he was not allowed. We think having him along is worth the extra hassle or expense. We know Pumpkin likes it to.

punky's chair

With his friend Marley


Keeping watch


  1. Thx Tracy- I enjoyed Pumpkin's update!! He's a great lil traveler....just like in John Steinbeck's "travels with Charlie". A.

  2. HI Tracy, Judy and Pumpkin - glad to hear Pumpkin is traveling well. We love traveling with our dog, Carly and she seems to love it as well :-)
    Any issues with Monica after you got her stomach pumped? I imagine that sort of thing happens all the time.
    Tracy - have you fully recovered from your illness? Be sure to say "Hi and hope you get well soon" to the Anon Travelers.
    take care,