Saturday, July 11, 2015

The RV Hall of Fame and Museum

July 11, 2015
We visited the RV Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. They have a RV Hall of Fame there, which consists of framed photographs of a bunch of old white guys. They have a RV library which is pretty cool if you need to look up stuff about old RV's, but the RV'S on display were the most interesting to me. I took a slew of pictures that don't really do these old beauties justice.

They have an old trailer out in front that a man bought when he got out of WWII at age 22. Sorry, I don't have any picture of it. He lived full time in it up until 2012 when he gave it to the museum. It is beat-up and smells like old socks inside. I can't help but wonder what the rest of the story might be concerning his life. Did he get married, have kids, live in the backcountry somewhere off the grid?  What kind of job did he have that he could live in a trailer his whole life? Was he insane?

We visited the RV surplus store, but it wasn't that great. We couldn't find the clear porch light cover we needed.

When we were looking for a place to stay for the night we decided to go out to the Fair Grounds because it is close to the bike path Judy wants to ride on tomorrow. Who did we find there camping but "The Anon Travelers". We had not heard from them for two days. It turns out that "A" had dropped her cell phone in the toilet.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow Judy will go for a ride. If "T" is feeling better from her sinus infection they will ride together.

Tomorrow I will probably wash and clean the van and do some errands if it doesn't rain. I need to get some batteries for our remote key fobs.

This place isn't much of a campground. I guess that is why they call it The Fair Grounds. We have electrical and water, toilets and a shower. It is out in the middle of nowhere land. There are no trees or shade of any kind and it is hot. We are inside running the air conditioner. Judy and Pumpkin are  taking their afternoon nap. I am writing this blog.

"The Anon Travelers"
Nice interior
I remember this model
Cook while you drive
this one was space age for the time
in remarkable condition
nice color

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