Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Saranac, New York Stephen's House

We are parked in front of Stephen's house with a view of Moody Pond. It is beautiful around here. We are very near Lake Placid and the Clinton Correctional Facility where David Sweat and Richard Matt escaped. 

It has been raining since we got here yesterday, but it should clear up tomorrow. We are hanging out in his house doing laundry and taking showers, while he is at work today. He has a dog named Marley about the same size as Pumpkin and they are hanging out in the house with us. Judy wants to go for a bike ride when the weather clears up. I want to clean the van up inside and out. I also want to walk around the pond and search for some geocaches. Stephen will probably show us around the local area.

It is just so nice to be inside a home after being in the van for a couple of months. It seems so spacious and luxurious. Monica is hooked up to shore power and we are sleeping in her. Before the trip I thought we might stay in motels sometimes or sleep in our friend's guest rooms when we had the opportunities, but so far we have been content to sleep in Monica.

We plan on staying here until July 5th and then hitting the road again towards Niagra Falls.

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