Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Someone asked me if I missed my routines from home or has my van become my home.

We consider the van our home whenever we are parked for the night or when we are eating or making a meal inside. 

We both miss the routines from home in the sense that it shakes up your whole world when EVERYTHING is new except your partner and your dog. From my perspective, I don't miss it because it has given me the free time to pursue other interests. It has given Judy and me lots of time to talk and be together.
We have developed new routines for the road and our living situation. We have chosen to have a positive attitude about the experience. Things go wrong. Stuff  gets broken. I get sick. You are stuck in the worst campground ever that is really a gravel boatyard for $90 a night. You get hungry and lost. We laugh about it and make it part of the adventure.

I am sure that some of the experiences that seemed bad at the time will be the funniest when we think about them in the future.  Except that hospital thing.

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  1. I've finally caught up on all the posts...even though I've been staying in touch w/ Judy I got a more 'fully-rounded' view from the blog. What an adventure and learning process. Plato & Socrates said "know thyself", but ancient Greeks weren't thinking of a small camper-van in the mix! Judy's car is envious of all it's missing! -p