Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Just Pictures

We are laying low for the next couple of days in Urbana. Hanging out with friends. Since I didn't go anywhere today these are some old pictures I took on our trip.

Judy told me her favorite most useful thing she has brought on this trip is her smartphone. My most useful thing after my smartphone is my quick-dry towel. My favorite place is usually the last place we've been. Judy's most favorite place was Stephen's house in the Adirondack's. The best thing Judy drank was salted Carmel latte in Hingam, Massachusetts. My most favorite drink is a toss-up between Tim Horton's frozen hot chocolate or frozen daiquiri's in Louisiana.

Phyllis and Kevin's house
Miles from nowhere
Pensacola Beach Sunset
Ball of drywall paper tape


  1. Awesome pictures. -ian

  2. Won't tell you about the rain as I'm sure you've heard about it from others but LGBTQAetc. people are getting credit for bringing it.