Saturday, July 18, 2015

Forest City Iowa

July 18, 2015

We left Phyllis and Kevin's house this morning around 10. We spent the last three nights there inside their home. This is the first time since we began our trip, May 1st, that we have not slept in Monica. Their house is on a curve and I was afraid we might get rear ended if we parked on the street. We parked Monica in their sloped driveway and slept in the house basement. It was very hot so it was nice to be inside in the air conditioned house.

We visited The University of Illinois where Kevin and Phyllis are starting their new jobs next month. The Campus is huge and very pretty. Most of the buildings are old and brick,  but refurbished inside. You can tell there is lots of history there.

We stopped at the biggest truck stop in the world on our way to Forest City, Iowa. It is located in Wallcott, Iowa. The main building is 67,000 Sq ft.  They have fast food, a restaurant, and lots of travel items for sale. It gets an average of 5000 visitors a day and has 450 employees.

We are camping tonight at Iowa Pilot Knob State Park. It costs $16 for the camping spot with electricity and showers. Tomorrow we will be touring Forest City.

Kevin and Phyllis eating ice cream
The Sociology Building
The Mathematics Building 
inside the truck stop

The Restaurant 

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