Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 8, 2015 Austin, TX

We are staying at Forrest Oak RV Park in a suburb of Austin, TX. It's been raining off and on and it's hot,  in the 80's. We are moving on tomorrow because the weather is going to be getting worse. We visited the capital building and a famous bike store yesterday.( I promise not to post pictures of bicycles unless they are interesting, this is for you Suanne). If you want to see bicycles in various settings you can check out Judy's Facebook page.  There are sure to be lots of pictures of bicycles there.

One interesting thing I have noticed about Austin is that although it is a fairly young city they have lots of old growth trees. Everywhere you look trees. Big trees. Then in between the trees you will see buildings. It's hard to get a picture of this but I tried from the van window. The are also lots of sow bugs here, lots of sow bugs. Sorry, no pictures. They are too ugly except to their mother. 

 We visited Castle  Hills Graffiti Park while getting lost in Downtown Austin rush hours traffic. That was really cool. Artists come by and paint over other work to display their own work so the canvas is constantly changing. 

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