Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7, 2015 Costco Austin, Texas

More epic cross country adventures at Costco in Austin, Texas...not really. This is a joke. After too much frustration we decided to bite the bullet and change service carriers to Big Brother Verizon. T-mobile was not cutting it anymore. We mostly had no service or intermittent service. We are retiring our Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phones. We will sell them on Craig's List if you know anyone that is interested please let me know.

 For those of you wondering about Costco Austin. It looks the same in all ways. Not even people with cowboy hats and boots. That last comment is for Leeann, she wonders about these things.

 Darn, buying a cell phone is like buying a car. It took nearly two hours at Costco and there were way too many options.


  1. What phones did you end up with?

  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Verizon Wireless as a carrier. A very good choice so far. The coverage is excellant