Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 16, 2015

We did an air boat tour this morning. It was actually a nice hot cloudy day today. Good for swamp tours and seeing alligators. Not so good for people in my opinion.
As you can tell we met back up with the "Anon Travelers" yesterday. We didn't plan it, but we all arrived together, parking a couple of spaces away from each other yesterday at The French Market.
The "Anon Travelers" are out now with Judy checking out some gardens in NOLA. NOLA is local speak for New Oleans. I'm hanging out with the dog in the air conditioned van. I am doing laundry at the free laundromat in the park where we are staying. Yes, I said free. I am also writing this blog. 
The campground we are in is definitely not full. Most of the campsites that are filled with a rig have no people in them right now. This campground is in the middle of a swamp. You can hear the swamp boats on the other side of the trees. There are fire flies at night and they are as cool as I remember from when I was 12 years old but not as numerous. They have some neat-looking dragon flies. I'll have to find out what kind.
We ate some pizza and salad from a place near here for dinner last night. It is called Mo's Pizza and is a local hang out off the main drag. We had ham and pineapple cheese pizza. I ate another slice of pizza at lunch. One thing about traveling in a small space like we have is you have to get groceries often or get take out that lasts a couple of meals. And if you buy anything to eat buy small. If you get too big an item not only will it not fit in the refrigerator, but you will be eating it FOREVER. The refrigerator is really small.
We cleaned house a couple of days ago. This was our first Spring Cleaning but maybe not our last. We went through all the stuff in the van and decided if we really needed that item. It took about twenty minutes. And to think this is our current home and we did this chore in only twenty minutes. This gives us time to do something with that time we used to clean in our sticks and brick home.
 We purchased some new cell phones on the road so we wanted to send back the boxes, paperwork and accessories to San Diego. Then we also wanted to send back our old, no longer used phones. This was the bulk of the send back to San Diego items. Thanks again to Ken for keeping our mail for us. It has been so helpful to us. What a great guy. 
I sent back some hot chocolate, a shirt and a sweatshirt to San Diego. We got rid of a lot of tea we didn't think we would use. Judy left the tea in the common area for other campers to have. I've seen this done before in other campgrounds. Just because you don't need something doesn't mean someone else can't use it. Pumpkin sent back a jacket and a bottle of Angel Eyes for his eye tearing stain problem. We had two bottles of Angel Eyes. One large bottle and one really small bottle. We kept the small bottle. We boxed everything up with a box purchased I purchased at the Post Office and sent it back home for a cost of $30. 
Tomorrow A new adventure I'm sure.

Alligator 10 foot long. ~50 years old.
That's"A" from the "Anon Traveler's" and Judy
"A" again. Over the top.

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