Friday, May 15, 2015

May 14, 2015 The French Quarter

We arrived in New Orleans this morning and spent the day in the French Quarter. Judy wore me and Pumpkin out walking around all day. We ate lunch outside under an awning in a thunderstorm. Judy had some gumbo and really liked it. I thought it was good until I got a fishy after taste. We also had a Hurricane drink. We both liked the Hurricane.  
It was 80 degrees and really sticky with thunderstorms throughout the day. I think the whole area was less crowded because of the rain. We visited Armstrong a Park and the outdoor market on Bourbon Street. 
I found the old buildings interesting. The air is so wet all the buildings seem to be rusting and crumbling. It makes me realize how young California architecture is in the scheme of things. The only experience I have had with this type of architecture before was from the pictures on TV and some books. I guess seeing them up close, and without TV makeup on, they looked less than perfect.
 We are staying at Bayou Segnette State Park for the next four days. Tomorrow we have booked an air boat ride in the swamp.

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