Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Morro Bay

August 5, 2015
Bay Pines Travel Trailer Park

We spent last night at a Walmart in Stockton, Ca.

This morning we woke up at 6:15 to someone trying to steal our bikes off the bike rack on Monica. We looked out the rear window to a black guy messing with the bikes. He said he was just checking out the wheels. Judy yelled he's taking the bikes. I jumped up and went out and the guy said he wasn't taking them, but he had my bike on the ground and was getting ready to ride away. Two other guys were waiting in a running car next to the van. I said to the guy stealing the bike ; " you're taking it" he said back to me, " I'm not taking it". We kept saying the same thing to each other three or four rounds until I said,  she's calling the cops.

Judy came out with my cell phone and I told her to take a picture of his license plate. Judy put the phone up like she was taking a picture. The thief looked to get on my bike, but noticed the pedal was folded up and so he dropped the bike and got back in the car and they sped off.

We were lucky because the pedal was folded up on my bike so he couldn't pedal away.  And when he went to steal Judy's bike it got stuck in the bike rack. This guy didn't care we were there watching him attempt to steal our bikes.

The get-away car had no license plate and the phone was not turned on to take a picture. The whole thing seemed surreal to me,  especially my exchange with the thief about taking and not taking the bikes.

We will be locking the bikes every night from now on.

And no, Pumpkin did not bark. He didn't even get up out of bed.


  1. Welcome back to California…


    1. No kidding. We will be more careful from now on.