Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back in San Diego

August 9, 2015
Yesterday we had lunch with our SLO Real Estate Agent friend, Cindi Petrovich. We ate at a taco shop in SLO. One of the properties we looked at with her, less than six months ago, that was on a lake is all dried up now. SLO has a water shortage like the rest of California. Anyway, it was nice to catch up with Cindi. She promises next time we meet to bring her partner Karen. We gave her a hard time about Karen being a figment of her imagination since she keeps promising to introduce us but the scheduling never works out.

We stayed last night at a Walmart in Oxnard. We got rousted at about 10PM by security and had to move. The security lady told us where we could move to so it was not much of an inconvenience for us, but we are tired today. I think all of the excitement of the last couple of days is catching up to us.

We arrived in San Diego today and we are staying at Joan and Pete's house for the night. We have a real bed and bathroom to use. It's ironic because their house overlooks our old house. So we are back at where we started over three months ago.

We can see the slow progress on the new pool at our old house. It is not near completion and I thought it would have been done by now so I could go swimming in it. The new owners promised me a swim and a look around at their remodeling of the house.

Judy just told me we visited 29 states on our trip. She is updating our progress on a paper road map that is yellow highlighted with our route. I will have to figure out how many miles we traveled.

I am not sure how much longer I will keep up the Blog since we are back at the beginning again.

Tomorrow we start preparing for the move to San Luis Obispo. We are feeling overwhelmed with excitement and fear. I suppose it will be like our Epic Adventure and we will ultimately have fun and be rewarded with new experiences. This is what happens when you, "Don't Quit Your Daydream".

Monica parked at our new residence

car parked in downtown SLO
Sadie and Joan

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