Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Wizard of Oz

July 21, 2015 Kennebec, South Dakota

We are staying at The Kennebec KOA in South Dakota. The brochure Q&A reads; Yes, the wind does blow like this all the time. Our average daily high wind is 25 mph but we can have wins of 75 mph or more. The average yearly rainfall is 18" and it all comes on holiday weekends.  Our annual temperature range is 150 degrees,  from -40 to +110 degrees Fahrenheit. The closest McDonald's is 35 miles, the nearest Walmart is 65 miles.

We stopped by The Corn Palace this afternoon, in Mitchell, South Dakota. It was like an indoor farmers market only they were selling tourist trinkets.

This place is right or of The Wizard of Oz. The wind is blowing the van around and you can see the storm moving in. It's starting to sprinkle now. The lady at the check in told us where the storm shelter was in case we needed it. One of the employees reminds me of The Cowardly Lion. We maybe off to see The Wizard before the night is through.

This is for Suanne; regular gas  $2.95, diesel  $2.65.

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