Friday, July 31, 2015

Redmond, Washington

July 31, 2015
We are at Traci and Ian's condo camping in the parking lot. We had a major tire failure on the freeway getting here. Judy was driving and the tread came off of the tire on the rear passenger side. It sounded like a bomb went off. She pulled over immediately and we looked under the car. We checked for a flat tire. The traffic was loud and busy. We were afraid to stop for very long and we were out in the middle of nowhere. The next exit was probably ten miles down the road. Judy said she thought she might have hit a tire tread. We jumped back in the van and went slowly for awhile listening for any problems. We drove for another hour on the tire with no tread and the wire showing through before we stopped. By that time part of the rear bumper had come off and the mud flap was hanging by a thread. We had passed a Discount Tire just before we stopped so we doubled back for repairs. Two days ago in Nampa I had been to Discount Tire for a tire rotation,  balance, and rotation.
Discount Tire did not have the exact tire match but provided us with a temporary replacement. We will get a permanent replacement in San Diego. We will fill out a claim form for the rest of the damages. Just another  epic road trip adventure.


  1. Hi girls! Glad ur ok and now in WA, cooler days huh.... We'll c u soon... A.

  2. Woah!! How intense. Tell Ian and Tracy we said "hi". Looking forward to seeing you when you return.