Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mercedes of Rochester

We were towed into Rochester Mercedes  yesterday afternoon for repair. We accidently put regular fuel in the diesel fuel tank. In keeping with our positive trip mantra, we said to ourselves, "at least it wasn't raining". We are also lucky it happened near a big city because it is hard to find anyone other than a dealer to work on a big Mercedes van or that have the facilities to reclaim the fuel.

So we are in Rochester at the Mercedes Dealership waiting for Monica's stomach to be pumped. Last night we stayed in Monica in the dealer parking lot. We had electricity and a very quiet night. The dealer waiting room has magazines, television, wifi, drinks, pastries and a nice restroom. It is just like a campground as far as amenities only it doesn't have showers.


  1. Wowsers! You guys are so good at just going with the flow. Impressive.

    1. So far so good. Not that we don't have our moments. We all make mistakes and accidents happen. We would rather laugh and learn.