Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lake Placid, New York

A beautiful warm day today after rain all day yesterday. Stephen and I went to Lake Placid and met Judy, (who rode her bike), for lunch. Stephen and I walked along Mirror Lake with the dogs. We drove by Adirondack and Ray Brook Correctional Facilities and checked out the razor wire.

Saranac Lake where we are staying gets brutally cold in the winter. Stephen said it can be minus 20 degrees in the winter. There are 5400 full time residents in the winter. It is ranked number one in New York State in the 100 best small towns of America. It is certainly one of the most beautiful places we have stayed so far. I would love to come back in the fall and see the leaves change color. 

The last couple of nights I watched the Women's Soccer finals with Stephen. I so appreciate having a couch to sit on and a TV to watch with someone. We have been traveling for two months now and are headed back west. We are comfortable in Monica and have accepted the size limitations. Niagara Falls is next on the agenda after the Fourth of July. I bought some fireworks today at the grocery store. We can set it off in the backyard. Yeah, I love to blow stuff up.  

Stephen and Marley

Marley and Pumpkin
deer in Stephen's backyard
Mirror Lake
Fence in Stephen's backyard 

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