Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lake Ontario, South Shore RV Park

We left Stephen's place this morning. It was a bitter sweet goodbye. We had an excellent time visiting him, Jen, and Marley the dog. What a beautiful place...The Adirondack's. We had such fun last night, The Fourth of July. Fireworks, dinner, and dancing, (not really dancing). We stayed up until almost midnight and we weren't tired. I guess we can still party.

We are staying in Sodus Point, New York at the South Shore RV Park. There are mostly big rigs here, but they have a couple of spaces for us small fries. The weather is nice, but it's buggy.  We are about 75 miles from The Finger Lakes. The price for full hookups is $36 per night if you are not parked on the cliff overlooking Lake Ontario. We are not on the cliff but we can walk down and see the fantastic views. We went through Mexico, New York to get here.

Staying at Stephen's gave us a break from tiny living. We stayed in Monica to sleep at night and hung out in the house or were out and about with Stephen during the day. We did some laundry and watched some women's soccer on the tube. We also started to watch the Alfred Hitchcock movie North By Northwest so we could find Alfred and see the scene where they are in Grand Central Station. It's pretty cool that we have now been to some places we had only read about or seen in films, or pictures.

Punky in an Adirondack Chair
view of Lake Ontario 
Mexico,  New York 


  1. Hi Ladies! I've finally caught up with your travels - A trip to Yellowstone NP, followed shortly thereafter with a trip to the Central CA coast has had me offline.
    Sure sounds like you two have adopted the "adventurers spirit" ! Cherish it :-)
    You are definitely right - the mishaps you successfully maneuver, will become the entertaining stories down the road ;-)
    In my humble opinion, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is superior to the US side. We did the Maid of the Mist, the tunnel behind the falls etc. and thoroughly loved it. I'm sure you two will have a great time.
    Continued safe travels,

    1. We plan on visiting the Canadian side of the Falls, the Tunnel Behind The Falls, and The Maid of The Mist. Thanks for the info.