Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Some New York, some New Jersey

Yesterday we spent the whole day in New York riding The Big, off and on, Bus Uptown and Downtown. It rained in the afternoon and I got soaked on the top of the bus, but I did not care. I had fun and I was screaming with delight when the wind and rain came up and soaked us. It was invigorating. We ate lunch at The Whole Foods Store in Uptown. We learned all kinds of things about New York, most of which I have forgotten. It was a nice break from so much walking.

Today we are staying in New Jersey at our campground, which is across the Hudson River from New York. We are not really in the campground that we paid for because the power was bad, so they put us in the boat yard next door. There is a lot of rusting junk located here associated with the boats. I would call it more like a wrecking yard for boats although unlike a wrecking yard for cars some of the boats are still in working order.

We have made friends with some of the iron workers on the other side of the fence from the boat yard where we are camping. This is where our power box and picnic table are located. The workers arrive at 7AM and wake us. They use our picnic table for their tools and drinks. Yesterday someone put a gate in the fence with a chain and lock. This morning it was unlocked and open. The workers said someone from our side unlocked it this morning. This is good news because we leave tomorrow and we can unhook ourselves instead of asking the iron workers to do it. A surprising thing about this campground is that it is very quiet at night.

We went urban biking to get groceries and sightsee here in New Jersey today. I have a cool folding bike I ride and Judy rides her Trek bike. We rode along the Hudson River and I took some pictures of New York from this side.

"The Anon Travelers" are on a tour of Ellis Island and are then going to get their bike rack replaced because it is broken.

I would not want to live in New York because it feels assaulting to me with all the activity, noise, and pollution. I'm not used to tuning it all out and being relaxed with it. It was much cleaner than I expected and the transportation system is first rate. The architecture and urban parks are beautiful. There are lots of things to do at all hours of the day and night. I know it holds a special beauty and pride for those who live there.

New York Architecture 
The Empire State Building
Across the Hudson River from New Jersey
The River Front Walk New Jersey 
graffiti New Jersey
my bike next to the locked gate, (look closely and you can see the blue power box next to the orange post. The picnic table is to the right of the power box under the bike seat).
More graffiti NJ

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