Thursday, June 11, 2015


We are back to traveling with "The Anon Travelers". We drove to Hershey, PA for the Hershey Factory Free Tour. The Tour was like Disney's "It's a Small World" without the ear worm music. They had the biggest chocolate store there I have ever seen. We bought a cookie that we shared and a couple of drinks. We didn't buy any chocolate. We did buy a t-shirt for our friend Ken who is taking care of my car for me. Thanks again Ken.

We are now at The Tröegs Brewery. "The Anon Travelers" couldn't find a parking spot for the "Taj Ma Jal" so they went on to get a campsite. We will probably meet up with them at the campground if we like where they are staying.  Judy is drinking a taster set of three beers. I'm drinking water as no alcohol is allowed for me.
We ate out last night with Phyllis, Kevin, and Leanne in Arlington, Virginia. Leanne works on "The Hill" as they call it. Leanne has lived and worked there for four years and loves it. Kevin will be leaving his temporary assignment for The National Science Foundation in six weeks. Phyllis was there for a conference. For dinner I had some rice that was blended into a mash and a small piece of pork meat. It was my first outing since the ER.
I am glad I got to walk on The Washington Mall at least one day. Even though I've seen pictures of everything there, it was neat to see the scale of everything in person. Like the Grand Canyon you get a perspective. I was surprised you could see the Washington Monument from so many places around the City because it is so tall.

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