Saturday, June 13, 2015

Everyone is crazy

Judy is out riding her bike with "T". I've been at the campground all day. I did the laundry, cleaned the camper, and went for a swim in the lake and the pool. 

This campground is located in a wooded area with dirt roads and campsites. It is hot, dusty, and the spaces are really close together. You can easily hear your neighbor.The couple across the way have been arguing and yelling at their kids all day. They brought their TV, radio, xbox, and play station with them. I know this because all these gadgets are located and operating outside their tent. They must have a thing for camp fires because they have had one going all day even though it is 90 degrees. It is nice to be among the trees and out of the city, but this is not what I had expected here at this "resort" campground. 

A school bus came in earlier full of boy scouts and went down to the lake. A police car came in later and blasted his/her siren and then went on down to the lake. A flatbed towtruck has now also gone down to the lake. 

The people in the campsite next to me have a thing for driving around in their cars somewhere every half hour or so. They captured a snake earlier after tormenting it. I don't know what they did with the snake, but they talked about releasing it in the wild. Funny thing is I thought the snake was in its wild. 

A swing set is located directly behind our campsite. Children have been cutting through our site and screaming on their way to the swing set. I like the sound of the children playing on the swing set. Now there are three teenaged boys swinging and swearing on the swing set. And of course, there are ants. EVERYWHERE. 

I know this all might sound crazy, but this is what happened today. I don't feel bad about it or mad about it. It is just what I observed today. All these things happen in a crowded campground. Everyone has their own idea of what camping is about. 

I realize that some people probably think I am crazy for traveling around the country in this small van with my wife and dog, and observing other campers all day in their campsites.

This is all okay with me and I feel good about it. I'm living my dream, although I could do without the ants.

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