Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Wreck

May 4 2015
We had some more excitement this afternoon. We were traveling east on Interstate 10 when a hell of a storm came up. Our anonymous traveling friends were ahead of us by a few minutes. We had about 10 minutes before arrival at our destination at Balmorhea State Park. We were on Interstate 10 just east of our exit for Hwy 17 when this freak storm came up. There was a fierce  wind, rain, and hail. We slowed down and came up over a rise in the road and traffic had come to a halt ahead of us. The speed limit on this road is 80mph. It turns out just ahead of the "anonymous travelers" a tornado crossed the road and took out two semis and two cars. They were stopped three cars and a semi away from the wreck. No one was hurt in the wreck but one of the semis was jack-knifed completely across the road stopping all traffic behind it. We were caught in the back of a three mile parking lot behind the wreckage. It was kind of interesting because the rain, hail and wind stopped just as fast as it had started. Everyone turned off their vehicles and waited. A lot of people got out of their cars and wandered about the freeway. Kids were playing by the side of the road with the hail that had fallen earlier. It was actually kind of fun especially after we knew no one was hurt in the accident. The delay was about an hour and a half. We were so glad to get going again and to our campsite.


  1. Sounds like fun. The last sentence makes me think you were tired of waiting by the time you left. Is that right?

  2. Yeah, after about 45 minutes it was getting boring. We wanted to BBQ, but we're afraid we might have to leave with our steaks only medium rare.