Sunday, May 10, 2015


Thanks to Sandy R. for pointing out that not everyone could post comments. I have changed some settings to fix this and now everyone should be able to post a comment. After writing your comment, from the "comment as" box choose anonymous and then "publish". If you want me to know who you are you can leave your name or initials. This assumes of course that I know you. I love to get comments because then I know someone is out there. It's a connection to home for me.


  1. Trying again from IE rather than Chrome (Sandy)

  2. Still in IE but now third party cookies blocked ( I think they were unblocked on previous comment that was published)

  3. OK, it looks like someone can publish a comment using IE rather than Chrome, publish as "anonymous" and with third party cookies blocked...kind of complicated for the average reader to accomplish, unless they are non google customers.